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libraryofanvard's Journal

Archenland's Royal Collection of Tales from Narnia
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Clean Narnia fanfiction and fanfic commentary
This community is mostly a place for me to post my Narnia fanfiction, plus the commentaries I've written about my fics. There might also be a few commentaries (or rants) about the books, the movies, or Narnia fanfiction in general.

However, while this is mostly for my own fics, I also would like to make this available for other Narnia writers to post their fic.

Fics in this community will:
* never be slash
* never have incest
* never have real Caspian/Susan romance, though rants about this are acceptable.
* always be clean, with violence minimal and preferably off-screen and with no sexual encounters or references to sexual encounters.
* strive to be true to C.S. Lewis and his ideals.